Why get HGAR (Hang Glider Airspace Regulations)?

According to CARS (Canadian Air Regulations), in order to fly in Class E Airspace, you must have your HGAR.  Many flying sites in Whitehorse Area are within or border on Class E. Having an understanding of airspace and having good communication with other pilots and the control tower is imperative to safety and preservation of our flying sites.

This exam on Airspace Classification and Regulations will help you be a safer pilot – no matter what level you are. It’s also free to write in Yukon. This exam will  help you understand the requirements to enter controlled airspace and control zones prior to launching or when flying cross-country. The materials in the HGAR Study guides are also a substantial part of the HPAC pilot exams. Passing the  HGAR exam is required to get your Advanced rating. Many of the questions on all HPAC exams are on Airspace regulations.  If you are interested in paragliding, it’s highly recommended that you get your HGAR and participate in a HGAR study course (offered annually with Fly Yukon in collaboration with Ryan Mannen and others).

Whitehorse Airspace Structure

Graphic by Ryan Mannen

How do I get my HGAR?

  • Step 1: Fill out Self-Declared Medical Form (below):
    • Medical Declaration for a Category 4 Medical Certificate
    • You only need your doctor’s signature if you plan on flying tandem
    • Bring to Miriam Holder (867-393-6850) at the Whitehorse Transport Canada Office at 60 Norseman Road or mail signed original to Winnipeg Office at:
    • Transport Canada (Winnipeg Office) 334 Edmonton St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2L4
    • Toll-Free 888-463-0521 or 204-983-3152 – leave messages for call back
  • Step 2: Study for your Radio Operators Certificate (20 page PDF)
  • Step 3: Schedule your Radio Operators Certificate Exam (Free / about 30 mins)
    • YTG Highways and Public Works  | Aviation Branch | Transportation
      T: 867-667-8452 – ask for the Captain on duty, and ask to book a time to come in and write the 50 question multiple choice test
  • Step 4: Study the HGAR materials below:
  • Step 5: Schedule the Exam (no charge)
    • Call Miriam Holder (867-393-6850) at the Whitehorse Transport Canada Office to book your exam.

Information Links:

Miriam Holder : 12:30-16:30 PST
Transport Canada | Government of Canada | Operational Support Clerk
(867) 393-6850 FAX (867) 393-6851
TTY/ATS: (613) 990-4500 * miriam.holder@tc.gc.ca
Prairie and Northern Region
60 Norseman Road
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 6E6

Whitehorse Control Tower (to call before flying)
(867) 667-8426

Resources / Links:

HGAR study course

Local Airspace


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