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If you are a paragliding pilot visiting the Yukon and would like a tour of our flying sites or some ideas of where to fly, contact us. We also offer full guided tours to some of our flying sites or if you’d like do do some adventure paragliding, can take you into the remote mountains to experience places few pilots have flown.  There are some fun challenges and opportunities for Free-Flying in Yukon. Want to fly in the Midnight Sun?

Visiting Pilot Tours:

Full-Adventure Tour : $500 per day (Maximum of three pilots). Includes Transoprtation via 4×4 to any of our more remote flying sites. Pilots need to have their own travel/medical insurance for possible injury etc.

Local Site Tour : $125 per person (3-6 hours) – If you’d prefer a site orientation and transportation to a closer local site, this can be provided as well. Transportation to site will be included but it may require hiking or taking turns running shuttle.

Also keep an Eye on our Events Page!

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