Mount Sima

Note:  Fly Yukon is presently working on completing a Paragliding Proposal between The City of Whitehorse and Mount Sima. Progress is going well, but there is still work to be done before Sima is again open for Paragliding.  We hope to have the essentials ready for when the season opens. Help will needed to finish the upper south launch. This launch will be closed until then.
This Page is presently under development at part of the Mt. Sima Paragliding Proposal.  Note, there will be changes to this page. The Upper South launch is under construction and presently closed until work is completed.
Mount Sima is open for paragliding during the ski season and occasionally in the summer. The chairlift provides easy access to the north and south (still in progress) launch sites conveniently located within a few minutes from each other. The wind station, located at the top of the chair lift, monitors wind-speed and direction and is posted on our website to let you know when it’s flyable. If the wind is not favourable, pilots can enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding or take the chairlift back down and relax in the lounge.
Pilots have several options to access the chairlift:
  • Purchase a season pass for unlimited access to skiing and flying.
  • Purchase a day-pass for skiing and flying.
  • Purchase a single lift-pass. If it’s not flyable, pilots can download and come back to fly another day.


The North Launch: N/NE

North Launch
Turn left at the top of the chair lift and you are there. The top of Dan’s Descent provides a nice smooth launch on a gradual slope suitable for all levels or pilots as well as tandem launches. Be sure to leave enough room when setting up your wing to allow skiers to pass by. This launch is closer to the landing zone, but if launching in stronger winds, be prepared to use your speed bar to ensure you reach the landing zone with adequate height. You can sometimes catch lift on one of the lower two benches or possibly along the west side of the launch.  It is possible to launch with Northwest wind, but it will be crossed making launch conditions more advanced. This is also a descent launch for no-wind forward launches . There is no speed-flying permitted at Sima… only paragliding.  Sima management  asks that once clear of the first knoll, pilots do not swoop below tree level and ensure at least 100’ is maintained above chair lift at all times. Landing is only permitted in the designated landing zone along the Copper Trail.

The Upper South Launch: S/SE

This is the newest launch at Sima, but still is not complete. There is still some bush and trees that are in need of clearing and when complete, this launch will be suitable for novice pilots.  The launch is located directly below the look-out tower and boasts a beautiful view – both for pilots and spectators. This launch is higher and closer to the landing zone as well as a shorter walk from the chair lift. However the present launch (incomplete) has a steep slope launch and is not suitable for beginners.  There is often lift in the basin directly below the launch.  If you have adequate height, the dog-leg to the landing zone can be skipped, but be sure to give sufficient height and distance to the lower knob to avoid rotor. Lift can also be caught at the lower knoll if heading around the dog-leg.

The Lower South Launch: S/SW

South Launch
Once you reach the lookout tower, continue along the Left-Loosey bike about 3-4 minutes until you reach the lower launch.  This south-facing launch has a nice slope and lots of room for laying our your wing. However, since it is far from the landing zone, and the landing zone is not visible from the launch, this makes it suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots only.  This launch is not suitable for older wings with a lower glide ratio.  Pilots need to be prepared for a possible side-slope landing in the event of being ‘dropped’. Then the upper south tower launch is complete, there will be little need for this launch, though it is better suited for Southwest wind.

NEW Landing Zone:

A lot of work has gone into building a large landing zone suitable for all levels of pilots. Please ensure you land here and NOT the parking lot. We are still working to complete installation of a wind sock at the landing zone and on the top of the chalet. In the interim, the smoke from the buildings can assist in gauging wind strength and direction and it is recommended you install a temporary windsock or flagging tape at the landing zone prior to launching.  If you are going XC, there are some fields and alternative landing sites. During summer, the landing zone can be thermic and is not recommended for beginner pilots during active conditions.  Keep your approach and descent on the south side of the power lines.  Don’t forget to visit the lounge  after flying to celebrate.

Site Regulations:

  • Proof of current  HPAC Membership when purchasing a day-pass or season pass.
  • Only HPAC insurance is accepted due to insurance requirements.
  • Waiver signed (Season Pass)
  • Paragliding Policy signed
  • DO NOT fly below tree top elevation over runs (Pilot not below tree line)
  • Land only at the (new) landing zone beside the Copper Trail and parking lot.
  • Under no circumstances are landings to be near the lifts.
  • Safe altitude at at least 100′ maintained above lifts and lines and buildings when flying.
  • No speed-flying or speed-riding.
  • Have a local pilot give a site orientation.
  • Ensure your wing is secure before going on chair-lift. Be careful of straps. Be ready to exit chairlift quickly. Lift operators will slow it down for you to disembark.
  • If using the lounge afterwards, please sign in upon arrival.


  •   The area around the park below 700 AGL is class G airspace and open to all
  •   Above 700 AGL is class E airspace and pilots require HGAR & Air-band Radio
  •   Small aircraft, helicopters and float planes arriving/departing CYXY and Schwatka Lake often overfly the airspace around Mt Sima


  1. It is MANDATORY to contact the airport control tower/FSS prior to launching and when finished.
    1. Whitehorse Tower: 867-667-8426
    2. Airband Frequency: 118.3
  2.   Local Search and Rescue can be reached by calling 911.
  3.   On hill emergency can be reported to Guest Services: 867-668-4557 ext 221

Sima Contact Information:

Phone: 867-668-4557
Email: or

Sima Wind Conditions


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